Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is It Love... Or Sheer Infatuation!

okay... as the love month is about to end.. this one is a dedication to the love Feb fever! lol!!!

At the mirror… you fix your hair… and put your make up on.. you’re insecure about the clothes you wear… I can’t see nothing wrong.. to me you look so beautiful… when you can’t make up your mind.. its half past eight, its getting late.. its ok.. take your time.. standing here… my hands in my pockets like I have a 1000 times…  thinking back.. it took one breath… one word to change my life… the first time I saw you.. it felt like coming home… if I never told you.. then, I just want you to knw.. you had me from hello!!!

I believe with all my heart, that every girl dreams that somebody will someday sing this song to her… i don't mean to sound like a "love at first sight" kinds... in fact... im a firm believer that you can be infatuated or lustful at first sight... but sounds pretty impossible! yet, for some reason.. my heart still skips a beat every time i hear this one! i guess, its one of those fantasies that don't really come true.. right??

but what do you do... when somebody tells you that they remember the clothes you wore when you first walked by them... or how you smiled at your friends when you were passing by them... or how you got frustrated and scratched your head... or how you giggled and laughed when you were supposed to be serious... or how they thought of reasons to start a conversation... and then they tried to hit a conversation... but you were too busy so you ran away!!!

what do you do... when you realize.... that in spite of being dead damn sleepy, you have stayed up all night just to talk to them... that you miss them even though you like met them practically 5 hours ago... that you wish  that they miss you too... that you smile when you think about them... or read things that they wrote on a public portal that was only for you to know that it was addressed to you....

what do you think it is.. when you change you mobile plans to the cheapest outgoing... what would you think when the cheapest is dead damn cheap... but you would wanna make it even more cheaper by staying by their side.... what do you think it is.. when all that you think about is them???

do you think this is love.. or just sheer infatuation... cuz after all you don't really know them all that well right... its not like you know them inside out... you always know what is going on inside your brain.. but you can never know whats going on inside their brain... you can never know what they will turn out to be 3 months or 3 years down the lane... so.. when... its the "love at first sight", you'd better be careful! lol!

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