Friday, February 19, 2010


i have this urge.. sometimes.. okhay.. say rude things to people or probably slap someone really hard on their face... i don't slap people but i do tend to say things that are so extremely sour to the ear... this is the maximum rude i can be... and trust me... this rude really hurts when you are on the receiving end... i thought, people cannot get worse than me... but then i got to know about the inventors of the rude-box!

these people are so self engrost.. they don't care a shit about the world around... they scream and shout at people.. run over people... and blame others for all the wrongs... you create a dent in their car... and they will beat the shit out of you... but if you are on a bike... and for some reason they hit you from the behind... they do not even have the decency to help... or even apologize once... they just hit-n-run!

i cannot believe people can be so rude.. first, they make a mistake.. then, instead of accepting and providing help... they leave people lying on the road and run away... i mean.. don't they have any respect for life.. any decency... any morals... i mean... such hooligans are roaming there freely on the road who just hit people and run! :( don't even bother to turn around and see if the person they hit is dead or alive!!!

the worst part... one guy hits and runs.. and a thousand others surround the victim.. i mean let the victim breathe.. and why have you surrounded.. to help... i don't think so... you have surrounded to see a tamasha... you see 3 people try and put the unconscious victim into a car.. one of them is a girl... in a sari... trying to help.. but you just watch.. don't offer to help... bunch of loosers... thatz what the mere spectators are.. if you don't wish to help.. why do you even bother to stop and see.. carry on with your business assholes!

i swear, i have never wanted to kill so many people at the same time... i strongly believe now, i have all the rights to be rude to any and everyone... cuz this world that we live in a shitty rude-box!

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