Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wake Up Sid... The Sequel!

When i was done with my graduation, i gave away my study table... i literally donated it as i did not ever make enough use of it, and all that it did was cramp up my small room! i wanted to give it away even before, but my pa would not let me do the same... anyway, the first thing after my B.Tech... it was go.. going... gone!!!

during my, all through the 4 years... i relied on the 5 year papers... if i bundle them all together, they still cannot beat my marketing management(MM) book "Kotler" that i have now... the point is... now, that im doing my MBA, i really am missing my study table... because of its main purpose... stacking up the books!!! but now, i have no other option but to use my dining table for the purpose called study!!!

so, i look at my table... its cluttered with a trillion books... 90% of which are still untouched... i make a time table which says... 9:00-11:00: MM, module 1; 11:00-11:10: break... 11:10-1:10: AFM: Module 1... blah blah... btw, this was my time table for the date, November 1, 2009... it is Nov 8, 2009... n the time table still holds its ground... unnerved and unmoved by my need to study!!!

need to study.. uuumm sounds interestng... very MM type... the problem is my need to study (to get some grade, not really a good grade, but at least a passing one)... i try and convert it to a want for study (i made my time table for the purpose)... the only problem is that i just am not able to convert my WANT into a DESIRE... hence, i land up at the point zero again... the problem is... my seni frenz have told me... 1 day before the exams, just do your slides, they are more than sufficient... today is one day before the exam... and what am i doing... BULLCRAP... im writing this post... the last week for me has been 15 hours of repetitive 1st 10 minutes of wake up Sid... all i do is, put alarms, eat chocolates, maggie, papads, click fotos of the numerous new sox(my ma bought for me) in various poses... i even find tym to watch T.V.... the only thing missing now, apparently is studies!!! :P

i guess... somebody needs to shout out to me... wake up Geets! or somebody please give me some money and make another movie... "Wake Up Sid... The Sequel!"

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