Saturday, May 11, 2013

Heights of Love.. The Agony!!!

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Without a word... he dragged her by her arm towards the stair case... "you're hurting me.. you big bald HULK... leave me alone... lemme go!!!" they entered the staircase area & he shut the exit door behind her... with the same intense look, he said "Hi! My name is Adam... i work for Ogilvy in the day time, perform gigs at nights, have a small set of friends, rarely get angry, so I dont know where the hulk comes from & for the record, i still retain my heart!! All i really wanted to know is what did i ever do to you to scare you so bad???"

"but you kissed me & you said i love you!"... "is that what you hear lady... i SAY - all i really wanna know is how did i scare you & you say, you said i love you... fine, i said it, you made it obvious, that you are absolutely disinterested, so lets move on to the real question, why scared?" Grata was utterly confused, she had rejected guys before, none took it so easy... to top it, this one she liked... she wanted to know him... she wanted to kiss him... she wanted to be with him... & all he wanted to know is why she was scared of him!!! he placed his hands over her shoulders & made her sit down at the stairs... "i know you were scared... i dont expect anything off of you... just an answer!"

"well... you just bumped into me at the corner... but, you may not know that i saw you that dawn... as i was walking down the same alley you were beating people up... so i took a turn & ran for my life to take the next lane... & somehow you were LIKE RIGHT THERE at the corner"... Adam was smiling... "what you smiling for", she said... "ummm... nothing miss... you take care... & i'm sorry... i'll get outta your hair now!", he said & walked outta the building!

he just walked out & left Grata in agony with a millions questions in mind... works with an ad agency in the day... performs gigs at night... is this the classic rock & roll behavior??? if he is not interested then why did he follow me here? aaaaargh... why? maybe he had a reason for the fight... maybe i was being too hard on him... he kissed me & it just felt right!! whaaaaaat do i do now.. why am i wasting time thinking... she ran out... as she got outside the building, she could see him driving his black Chevi Impala away!


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