Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Compromise?

Compromise... they say... is essential & beautiful...
Compromise... they say... is satisfying...
NO wonder i'm NEVER satisfied... After all, I am an extremist...

98% of the things in this world... i am not sure of... & im a person of logic & order... if i dont have an opinion of something & you do, i will go with what you say if i trust you!!! & i will ask questions (test your knowledge) & take chances if i dont know you... I don't know you & you fail me once, i shall never put my trust in you again... I trust you & you goofed up once,  whether you get another chance depends on the intensity of the goof up.

But, there are things i know, there is this 2% that I AM sure of... & this i cant compromise... mai kyu karu compromise???? there are no negotiations & taking the middle path, unless you can logically prove me wrong!

I dont like pretty, i like smart.. so no, those box sofas can't be replaced with Raja chairs!
I dont like the scratching of unfinished steel... so no, I will eat in that 25 year old smooth steel plate i got!
I don't like pointy spoons... so no... okay fine... if there is "NO" option, then ill eat with that... but we are getting new cutlery!
I dont like the way the Rajasthani bed spreads tingle my legs... so no, it does not beautify my bed!
I dont like those netted covers.. so no, they are not going on the sofas!

Please tell me how will Raja chairs, noise making steel, jaw breaking pointy spoons, scratching Rajasthani sheets or netted covers be remotely satisfing?

I know i love chicken... so no, you cant suggest i marry a vegetarian... rather ask me to die!
I know im strong minded... so no, i can't be with weak/meek... i need the clashes for the spark!
I know what colors i like... so no, you CAN'T suggest that i wear fluorescent yellow... im not a light bulb!
I love the b&w poster atop my bed... so no, you cant take it off... #EndOfDiscussion!
I love my brownie, bozo & strawberry... so no, you cant give them away... not even if im 80 & they still are fine... unless i absolutely love that kid!
I believe in a supreme force (lets call it God), but I dont believe it exists in temple & singing bhajans in shrill voice is going to appease it.. so no, you cant suggest i go to the temple every other day... i respect your feelings, i can do it on special occasions, not every other day!
& for the love of GOD, i know that i am fully capable of doing everything that wearing those stupid rings enable me to... so no, im not turning into Miss. MoreStonesThanFingers... if stones can alter my destiny & i start believing that, i WILL STOP putting any effort... they will only make me lazy!!!

So tell me, W H Y  COMPROMISE????

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