Sunday, November 29, 2009

Always Been Famous!

there are people who are never famous... then there are people who become famous... and then there are people who have always been famous... you could be famous because you're smart... or cuz you're hot... or cuz you're cool... or cuz you give that look... or cuz you wear the weirdest clothes... or cuz you wear the most expensive brands... or cuz you look so fashionable even in flee clothes... or cuz... there are many more reasons!

Interlude: there also are people who are famous for all the wrong reasons!!! i, belong to this the category "always been famous for the wrong reasons!" no... no... no... i dont do dope... dont sell them either... i dont do any of the nasty things that might come into yours' or any other persons' minds!!! i've never been famous with the kids... but in spite of not being the teacher's pet... i've always been famous with them! infact, i've been so famous that according to Baral sir, a coule of them refused to teach my class cuz i was in that class!!! hello.. i never did anything in class... maximum to maximum, i'd giggle, sketch the teacher or eat... i don't say nasty things to teachers at least!

when, doing my B.Tech... there was this Electronics HOD who knew me by my name, and he would check with all the teacher's about my status daily... my Signals and Systems teacher got so irritated that he made me stand up in the class to ask what i said to him... apparently, my father met with him in a PTA and asked him to keep an eye on me... because of this, i suffered heavily in my internals... when others would get grace marks (upto 15), he would ensure that i get just how much i deserve!!! it was a sight, i tell you... if i'd see him coming, i'd litterally run away in the other direction! When i went back to my college, a couple of months ago, Baral sir told me, you would not have suffered if you were in the current batch, firstly, that HOD is gone and secondly, you will not be the exclusive notorious kid of the batch! so apparently, i was famous for the wrong reason "being under the scanner of the HOD!"

anyways, i somehow made it through... got through infosys off-campus... joined at infy@chandigarh... went through a gruelling training... we had our first test within the 1st 3 weeks (i don't really remember precisely)... we had online tests... and we'd get the results right then and there... passing criteria was 75 (i think, don't remember precisely, it can be 80% too)... so, i remember... i gave the test... got over with it within 20 mins, i don't really believe that one was worth the 1 hour set for it! then, i clicked the "submit" button... and woah.. i flunked... wow... my morale went and settled in the nail of my foot's last finger!!! thankfully, 80% of the students failed that one... so we had a conference... where some chick was discussing what a sad sight this is and how we expect more out of you all... and i don't even know, what happened to me... i just got up, and shouted at the top of my voice "im sorry to say this, but if 80% students fail, it means there is something terribly wrong with the teaching standard!" and then, i sat down in a dhup and saw her face go pale as the hall filled with claps from 250+... later we were all given 12 extra marks so i passed the test and so did a couple of others... so, i was famous for the wrong reason "not being able to control my tongue (as in speech)!"

here, in amity, im trying my best to not be famous for the wrong reasons... infact, im trying not to be famous at all... cuz i've realised, people who are unknown to the teachers get much more internals than the ones that are known, unless ofcourse you're the buttering kinds, which i'm not! anyways, to my dismay, when i went to the college this wens'day, i found out that i just can't get out of the scanner... apparently, my PL made me sit all alone in the front seat for his paper's exam to ensure that i do not cheat (i do not cheat on important tests in any case!), inspite of this i got a good score in his subject... so when i met him on wens'day he told me, "so, i saw that you got a good score in my subject!" when i smiled, he said "how?" i said "main padhnay likhnay waali ladki hu" (i'm the kinda girl who studies), but apparently he knows me better, so he replied "as if!" so, i guess this time around i'm famous for the wrong reason "as if"????

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