Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I've Done!!!

im crazy... ive always been crazy... but school was uuummm... it was different.. the world was different... apparently, even though the world has changed a hell lot.. m still still the same... i still do things that i did in school time... i still laugh at teacherz pronunciations... i still eat in the class... i still avoid studies and sit for the xams at the last minute.. i still dont study everything before the papers... just enough to sail through!!! i still watch cartoons... n i still dont get along well with the typical gurlz!!! (to the left is my school snap! thaz me in the white jacket!!! and the one in green is my best fren from school!)

but, i have sobered down a little... i dont do the really crazy things like what i used to do in school... i remember two funnily weirdly incidents... they were funny to me and weird to the person in front!!!

The Kush Teotia incident:
Kush, Im sure you remember this incident... but im not sure, if you'd remember i was the one!!! Okhay, so this is how it goes... when i was in my XIth standard, there were two seniors that i totally loved and adored, as in a role model way... i loved their confidence... and the way they carried themselves... i wanted to be just like them... one of them was Kush... so when XIIth came and he left the school, i was really sad... one fine day, he came back to the school, for i dont know what... i saw him pass by my class and as soon as the class got over and before the next teacher came in... i made up my mind to bunk the class... so i saw him getting outta a teacher's cubicle... and i went upto him and asked for his autograph... he got really embarrassed but i guess he did not have any choice!!! the funny part is... i kept this piece of paper and that Faber Castle pen safe with me for at least 2 full years!!!

The Chandni Bhan incident:
The second senior that i really looked upto was Chandni... Chandni was the head girl when i was in XIth... but school was about to get over for he XIIthies... n i wanted to get my SLAMBOOK filled by her... but i did not know her enough... n i was sorta scared of her cuz she did not like my favourite teacher "Banerjee Sir", cuz he was not willing to check her physics manual as she was late for her submission!!! anyways, but i had this friend called Prachi Goel... she said she knew Chandni and would introduce us... and so she did... "Chandni, hi! This is my friend Geeta, and Geeta has a huge crush on you!!!" and Chandni and I, we were both zapped... i had cold feet and burning ears... well, hello... she is my role model... i do not have a crush on her, is what i wanted to say... but aparently my throat gave up on me! Chandni looked at me in anger and said "Do you know what a girl who has a crush on another girl is called?" No.. no... no Chandani no.. m not a lesbian... m just a fan!!! but my voice was just not with me!!! *sigh!!!

Thankfully, i have changed for the better... i can actually go upto people without them thinkin that i have a crush on them... and i can actually tell people that you are my role model and i appreciate this about you, without actually embarrsing them... Kush and Chandni... i really wish to apologize.. you guys were/are my role models.. i dont have a crush on you!!! the way it came out was not the way it was intended to be!

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