Thursday, November 26, 2009


ive heard like a zillion times that dreams mean something... i mean they can be interpreted... my dreamz are pretty weird... im sure, even if they can be interpreted, they still would not make any sense... cuz i would not be able to describe them with or without sense!

i generally donot remember what i dream about.. what i do remember is the people that i saw and the places that i went... i even told a couple of my frenz that i dreamt about you last night, but when they asked, what exactly... i seriously did not remember...

people say that you dream about things that you see or think about... but there are times, when i see people that i just know "exist." i.e. i only know that they exist, i've never though about them, or heard anythn about them or even paid them any heed at all. PERIOD... i do not understand WHY THEY BOTHER TO COME INTO MY DREAMZ!!!

anyways, people come and go... when i was in school, i saw school mates... then college mates... then work mates... and now, again school (b-school) mates... what never changed is "the building"... i always dreamt of my school... i guess, that means something.. it means I SPENT 14 YEARS OF MY LIFE THERE!!! :P

but, a funny thing happened recently... recently, i started dreamin of my b-school's building... well, i do agree that they have strikingly similar red bricks... but thaz all about it... can somebody explain how 5 months of amity washed over 14 years of DPS?

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