Friday, November 20, 2009

I Love it When Pa Cooks!!!

Please don’t get me wrong here.. my dad is not a chef… n just like the other households, my ma is the kitchen handler at my place too… its only a once in blue moon phenomenon that my dad enters the kitchen… n when he does… there is only one word… yummmmmmmm!!!

My ma is an excellent cook… she can pretty much cook anything in the whole world… my sister is a keen observer… we went from pukka desi food to Chinese and Italian additions.. all thanks to my sister.. she has a flair for making dishes with white sauces and mayo and I don’t know what not… me… I got better things to do!!!

The point is, there are 4 people in the family, 3 of whom are expected to cook… and onez cooking is an add on.. but the funny thing is, I love my ma’s cooking, I appreciate my sister’s cooking, I cook when there is no alternative… but I totally adore my pa’s cooking… every time he cooks, my appetite triples… and I still have room for more after about an hour or so! :P

So, what is it that my father does?

I don’t really know, what all he does, but his forte is non-veg… I have eaten at scores of places, but nuthn, I mean nuthn beats my father’s cooking, not my ma, not even my grandma… and this time of the year, my father abstains himself from nonveg for a whole 41 days, some shabrimali thingy! L and at this time of the year, because we have to abstain ourselves form the same, all that run through my mind 24X7 is “I love it when my pa cooks!”

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