Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, ive seen this ad on television which has Paresh Rawal getting so happy and singing to himself "Tananananani.. oye pizza aaa free... Tananananani.. oye pizza aaa free..." its raining... but to his dismay the pizza guy is on time... i dont really understand the logic behind the ad, as the terms n conditions clearly state that the 30 min scheme is not valid on fests n rains... this is befooling the customer, i'd say!!!

i tok so much, the problem is i tend to beat around the bush... the bush here is pizza... and the ad was nowhere related!!! :P

so whatz the story? the story is... a couple of dayz ago, we (my family) ordered pizzas... we are not fast food fanatics... and we do not eat pizzas all that often, so we do not mind shelling the money for it... so one fine day my sister, who is really into fast food, announced that she wants to have pizza and garlic breadsticks... so, we honoured her request and ordered for the same... over the phone.. we were too lazy to go over.. the guy on the other side said, "maam, ur pizza will be with you in the next 30 mins"... my sister was really hungry, and i dunno what went through our minds as we asked what if it doesn't?

what we wanted to hear was.. "maam, it surely will be!" but what we heard is "then you can have it for free!" so we waited, n waited some more.. time passed by.. n my sister's anxiety grew... but the pizza never came... so it had been more than 30 mins... n the pizza had not arrived.. we called them, and they said, "maam, it is already on it way"... so, when it ultimately arrived after 10 more minutes... we were dying of hunger... seeing the pizza curbed our anxiety... eating it was satisfying... but having it for free heightened our delight!!! :D

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