Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hail the Keedas!!!

Ummm... Okhay, so all that i know about sports is India is the land of cricket... n all that i know about about sportskeeda is that it was initially to be named bluechaddi...
and everytyme porush (the ideator) would ask me whaz wrong with bluechaddi, id tell him, chaddi.. plz for Godz sake!!! thankfully he decided to name it sportskeeda... for all the sports lovers.. for all the people who have a "keeda" for sports!!!
now, i have the privilege to be an author at, not because im a sports fanatic, but because im a dear school mate or Porushs'. But, i ensure you, Porush, i will soon be making good, or at least some use of the oppourtunity!!!
Im sure this site is going to make it big, as it is backed but both intention and calibre!
hail the keedas!!!
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