Friday, November 20, 2009

The Foot Massage!

I always wondered  whatz the big deal and all the hu-hulla about the spas… I mean they just mint away a lotta money from you by what.. giving you a bath? Or a massage? I mean why on this earth are people ready to squander money over stuff like this… until some time ago when I had the pleasure of a foot massage!!!

No, I did not have to visit a spa for the same, nor did I hapta squander a hell lotta money over it… apparently, a couple of aunties in my colony, turn to a masseur, who visits our colony bi-weekly… now, this masseur (aunty) goes around ringing the bell at each household to render her services… one day, my ma fell prey for the same… actually, she went through an operation and she was advised for the same!!!

The very 1st time the masseur aunty came to our house, I was like eeew… who called you? But slowly and steadily, I became ok with the aunty… Then, one fine day, I decided to get a foot massage done, as I realized that I have been on my foot from a couple of days… n the heels that I wore last night while dancing away to glory, have literally paralyzed my feet… as she applied a technique that I believe is called acupuncture, I thought to myself, “today is the last day you can walk!”

She pressed it here… she pressed it there… she pulled my toe and then my fingers… she rubbed it in circular motion.. sometimes in clockwise direction.. at other times in anti clockwise… she mostly used her finger tips and sometimes her palm… and bent my feet to the right, then to the left… she even rolled them in circles as if they were detachable and a few more rounds would bring them loose… and then I don’t remember a thing, cuz I fell asleep… I was in sound state of slumber while she was working at my foot… and when I woke up to her voice… “babyji.. ho gaya!” translation: “maam, im done!” I did not even remember that I once had heels that hurt!!!

My experience made me realize, perceived notions need not be true… n now, I am a fan of the “FOOT MASSAGE!!!” aaaaaaaahhh!!!!

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