Monday, November 30, 2009

Move On!

I can eat… I can sleep… I can smile… I can even laugh… but there still is an emptiness… I sleep as much as I can… I watch as many movies as my folks allow me… I even help my ma with the house hold chores… I do just about anything possible to be occupied… I do just about anything possible to not have any free time!

But when I walk through the market where we’ve been a million times… I feel the emptiness of holding your hands… when I watch a movie all alone… I feel the emptiness of you watching me instead of the movie… when I read the newspapers… I feel the emptiness of you letting me know all the news in advance… when I hear a new song… I feel the emptiness of you having had already sung it to me!!!

When I see my wardrobe… all I see is how you have influenced it … when I see brownie or bozo… I know I wouldn’t ever had them if I wasn’t for you… when I see my cell phone… it reminds me of how I lost your N-gage… when I look at my eyes… they remind me that you were the first one to compliment them… when I look at myself… I see the devil I am but the angel you saw in me!!!

Its funny I miss you so much when I was the one to let go… every romantic movie that I see makes me believe I didn’t love you… cuz love is standing through and through in the toughest times… but I let go cuz the times may become tough… I let go because we may not last… the funnier thing is I guess I miss you because you loved me more than anyone ever could/can… but I still am not willing to reconcile cuz maybe I never really loved you, I was just addicted!!!

You destroyed your life for me… you kept me ahead in everything you did… but now that you are completely destroyed and have got nothing left of you except our memories… all I can say is, you destroyed yourself over the wrong girl… because I kept myself ahead of you… and now that you’re completely destroyed, I have no reason to hang on… and hence, I would like to advice you… move on! 


  1. Dislike again..
    Its surprising how the word " addiction" have been used these days to just get through the feeling of guilt of not being able to be true in love...

  2. sometimes ur true... but u lose faith in ur partner... & to help another move on... u hapta show urself down!

  3. Sometimes its not abt faith..its abt u realizin difference between "addiction " n " love " n dere is no other way to come out of it other than showin urself down...