Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meri Exams Wali Maggie!!!

Maggie.. my best fren during all my exams... I have shared my bonding with the "mid-nite oil burning" phenomenon, ever since eternity... no matter how hard i try... no matter how many time table i make that restrict my study hours to 10 hours and range 15 days, i always end up with congesting the 150 hours of quantitative study in 5 days of qualitative study!!! :P

and through and throug, there is one thing that always supported me.. thatz my beloved maggie!!!

i remember that my maggie mania dates back to college first year, first sem...

meghna gupta... i royally hail you! you taught me how to make delicious maggie... i swear, before i met you, i did not even know how to make maggie!!! now, the only difference i make is; you add butter later, i add it in the very first place!!!

and yeah, i add chilly to it... cuz i dun like it bland!!!

i stir and cook it for more than 5 minutes... and i love to have ginger tea after that...

during exams, if i study for  later than 1 o clock, my hunger bells a ring!!! and during exmas, no matter how hard i try, i just am not able to sit for studies before 11 pm, that inevitable leads to me sitting up till 4-5 am daily... that leads to 1 maggie everyday!!!

all during my exam days, maggie is the only thing that i look upto, and thatz why i call it "meri exams waali maggie!!!"