Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friends Forever!

As today is world's frenz day, I would love to write a post on the topic...

They say you keep your true fren till the end of time... but in this fast paced life, we make frenz, we swear by them, we swear on them, we even swear we'd kill them... then we do the worst, we use them to go up in the ladder and never look back... our frenz give us everything we need, and once we have sucked each drop of their blood, and they have nothing else left off them, we leave them cuz frenz are to be taken for granted...

no... m not writing this, cuz i have been taken for granted... i am amongst those people, who take others for granted!!! and i have made this mistake not once but twice... i have taken two of my very best frenz for granted... why??? cuz thaz wot most people do... today... i just wanna take this oppourtunity to appologize... guys, im never gonna take you for granted ever again!!! i would love to abide by the saying, and keep you guys till eternity!!!

Frenz are the angels in devils' disguise exclusive for us. Angelic because they always want our best... and they are disguised as devils because good is nice, but bad is sexy... and we all opt for sexy between the nice or sexy!

P.S. My exclusive Devil, I will always love you! (not in the 377 way)... and i wanna keep you forever as my bestest (if that is a word) fren!! ;P

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