Wednesday, August 5, 2009


People say that college life is the best time of your life.. you better enjoy that time... well... my college life was ok.. i think... but the time that i enjoyed the most was at infosys@chandigarh... I joined infy on the December 26... it was pretty cold that day... me and my family reached chandigarh on Decmber 24th, my dad was working with an MNC that had a guest house in chandigarh... for 2 days, we ate nice food, enjoyed site seeing at chandigarh... even celebrated christmas eve there... i tell you, dilli di sardi is nothing in comparision to chandigarh's.

Anyways, 1st day at infosys was real fine... a bunch of 250 fresh graduates together under one room... u can imagine the kind of fun... :) we were made to stay at a hotel in pankula (sad part, boys and girls' hotels were separate)... my roomie was from pune... she was shorter than me... so she let me have the entire hangers wala area of the almirah... god!!! it was such a good feeling...

in infosys, we were made to undergo extensive training for 4 months, 1st two months were general training, and the next two were stream specific... they followed modular fashion of training... we would be taught something for a week, then we would have a test, that would generally fall on a monday... chandigarh is a 6 hours drive from delhi, so i had to come home every weekend (ma's food and washing of clothes was essential) + who studies at home... i never did... most of my frenz warned me of the consequences of failing an exam... passing marks were 75 ( i think, im not sure that i remember it well) failing would lead to being chucked out from the company... but i thankfully i never flunked!!!

i made frenz there... female frenz... its funny... this was the 1st time i was getting along with gurls... i stood up and fought for my class when 70 percent of us failed in our 1st test (most of us passed on re-eval)... i went out with frenz for late-night parties... i studied late night... i sang truly madly deeply in front of 50 people... i helped madhur in getting an answer right (this is very imporatnt, cuz he used to consider me a dodo before that)... i drove back ajit's car cuz he was too drunk and puking all the way... in short... i had the loveliest time of my life... i thank all the people who made infy @ chandigard so good!!!

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