Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Deep Is Your Love?

Real love touches us in a way that no tangible thing ever can… real love makes you do things that you once laughed at… it makes you smiles for no reason… it gives you a tipsy feeling in the pit of your stomach... and it makes you feel as if your heart has been squeezed into a tiny dot... yet, you enjoy the pain... it makes you wanna jump off the highest mountains and swim the deepest seas... or just simply dance with joy or take a stroll... it makes you feel beautiful and it makes the world a bed of red roses… love is a beautiful feeling and it must be experienced by each… you may not have love forever, but if you have it right now, you’re special…
You know you’re special not when somebody kneels down and proposes… you are special if he still gets ready 2 hours in advance for a 30 min date even after 3 years of being together… you know you’re special when you vomit on his hands and he still holds you tight… you’re special when he looks into your eyes and smiles all bright even when you’ve had the worst hair day and when you have a thousand pimples on your face and even the mirror refuses to look at you… you’re special when he travels from one corner of the country to the other just to celebrate your birthday with you…

You know you’re special when he looks at you instead of checking out “the hot chick”… you’re special when he wants to talk to you even if you only have 5 mins… and most importantly when he never misses an opportunity to fill the gaps between your fingers… if you are special… don’t be a fool… don’t let go!!!


  1. Arre waah ladki..kya define kiya hai love...very nice..i really liked :)