Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Blessing!!!

Oh k… so I fight with my ma… like all the time… for the pettiest of reasons… I fight with my sister too… here… I don’t even need a reason, I just fight cuz I wanna… I even have the guts to fight with my dad… here, I need strong reasons… the point is… I fight with them all… I curse them… I swear on them… when, I was younger, I sometimes even secretly wished that they all die… I even tried to punch my ma!!! I know I can be really nasty at times!!!

So, we generally fight cuz there is a difference in opinion, and none of the parties is willing to bow down to the other… both think that they are absolutely right!!! In my case, I am a hell of a stubborn child… when I believe I am right, I have to have physical evidence of being wrong… I do not fall for words, no matter how sound they may sound!!! I have made terrible decisions in my life… my parents have made decisions for me that they thought were the best, but I din’t like at all…

The point is we can all be wrong… I have been wrong many a times… but, when I found out that I was wrong, my family supported me… through and through… till I made it through… and in spite of that… I still crib sometimes… ok.. many a times… but, I know in spite of my cribbing, and in site of all the fighting, and in spite of all the things that have been said and done… I know I am blessed… cuz I hav a family that will stand by me through thick and thin!!!

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