Monday, August 17, 2009

Presentation... What to Hide and What to Show.

As we grow up the career ladder... we need to imbibe some skills in ourselves... 1 such skill is the presentation skill!!! I gave a presentation today, and realized that many of us are awfully nervous while giving our presentations... Just standing on the dice is a big deal!!! So, i'm the type who suffers from stage fright... but i have a special fright... i only get scared if the stage is a level or two up the audience!!!

I got a tip once... when on the stage, consider the audience naked... and i tried it... there were 2 problems...
1. i wasn't able to consider them naked (yes, i do have an imagination, but it does not run that wild)
2. my attention got deviated, hence i was even more nervous!!!

So, if you too get this advice... either work on your imagination, or forget it...

My only advice to you is... hide your nervousness.... a stage makes just about everyone nervous... Now how do you hide your nervousness???
1. Prepare for the damn thing... do not mug up your presentation... learn it inside out... how can you go wrong, if you swear by it!!!
2. Practice... look in the mirror, and rectify your smiling patterns and body language!!! if you don't like the sight of the mirror, your audience will not like you either!
3. maintain eye contact... i mean... do i even need to explain??

thaz what i follow... and if none of these work... imagine yourself to be a different person... as if you are suffering from schizophrenia... imagine that the damn presentation is just a presentation... and it don't make no difference to you... when you're not the same person and you are not concerned how he/she performs... you will do a hell lot better!!!

all the very best!!!

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