Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mistakes we Make...

Right from school, we heard... Learn from the mistakes of others... I always wanted to know why? I always wondered why should i learn from other's mistakes? Thanks to the Indian culture, I never got the reason!!! Its funny, cuz mistakes are so interesting... they give us so many lessons!!! But, for all of you who are still wondering why we should learn from the mistakes of others?? It is because life is too short, you don't have enough time to make all the mistakes yourself... :)

Mistakes are things we all do... sometimes we do them on purpose!!! i made a lot myself... but, when i joined infosys, one of my SPM's in chennai gave me a super nice perspective towards making mistakes... He said, make mistakes, but do not repeat them, make bigger mistakes!!! so thaz what ive been doing all my life... i made mistakes, and kept the intensity growing each time!!!

Now, i have reached a point where I have lost count for the mistakes i have made... no... i did not get sloshed... nor did i do drugs... nor i did i end up at the wrong place at the wrong time... these are not really mistakes... These are things people do to look cool... they do it to fit in!!! i dont believe in the concept of fitting in... i believe we all have a place set for ourselves, we will fit into the right place eventually!

The point is, there is no harm in making mistakes... you just need to learn how to undo them... the human species is filled with an emotion called forgiveness... Just give it a try!!! We are like clay, sculptured by our own mistakes... we can be redone as soon as we realise that we made one!