Saturday, August 29, 2009

The High Ride!

Life is like an automobile, you are careful with it first, then you experiment, then you become rash, then the wear n tear starts showing... the only difference is you can discard an automobile, but you can't get rid of what you've done to your life!!!

When we learn to speak, we make a conscious effort to say the right words… when we learn to walk, we try to keep our feet steady… when we get on to a bicycle, we try not to fall off… this is the time when we are careful…

Then, we grow up and we can say the right words, do the right things, walk a straight line and drive a car with seven fingers (five on the gear box and two on the steering)… we do not have to put an effort in doing the same… we have mastered the art of it… this is the time we abide by our life!!!

Then, comes a time when we all wanna be rock stars… mot of us involve in the three famous activities of being a rock star (sex, booze n drugs)… we do things just to be cool… if we can’t get publicity the right way, we choose the wrong way… after all positive or negative… publicity is publicity… this is the time when we are experimental!!!

Then comes a time when we all transform into crabs… we turn to the crab mentality… we wanna get to the top whether by hook or by crook, and if we can’t get there, we don’t let anybody else get there either… we back bite… call names… malign other’s reputation… involve in drugs not as a means to be high, but as a means to survive… the good ol' water is replaced by booze… this is the time we are acting rash!!!

What follows are pink slips for unethical behavior at office… divorces for the ones who managed to somehow get married… even more drugs and even more booze leading to complicated problems of the liver, lungs and the heart, which in turn leads to numerous visits to the doctors… this is the time the wear and tear starts showing!!!

A few more years down the lane, we are sitting all alone at the beach side villa that we bought with the money we minted by selling our morals… we see people holding hands and kissing in public and look at our hands that long for support… we want a hug but we realize that we crushed the feelings of the people who could give us the hug and ripped apart the relationships that could have been beautiful… we did all of this intentionally just to get to the top… yes, we are at the top… but we are alone… this is the time when you wish you could discard the automobile called life, but sadly… do I even need to tell you - you can't!

Don’t try n be the rockstar… don’t try n be the crab… don’t treat your life as if its an automobile… thaz not the way its meant to be!

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