Monday, August 3, 2009

Rakhi... Raksha Bandhan... not Rakhi Sawant!

India is a country known for its diverse and rich culture. We have multiple festivals to celebrate our rich culture. One such festival is rakhi. Day after tomorow is rakhi and it reminds me of all the joys that rakhi brings. Rakhi comes in various sizes and colours, my cousin brother was so fond of the big rakhis when younger, that i still punish him for the same.... :)

It is a festival which is given a lot of importance especially in schools... from our second grade to our seventh grade, rakhi is looked upto with anticipation from girls and boys alike... from seventh grade plus, it is looked upto with horror, espically from the boys, many even absent themselves from school... or come up with excuses such as, I have plenty of sisters of my own, i need no more!!!

Here, i am reminded of a particular rakhi celebration at my school, i think we were in the fifth grade... i think i only had 1 rakhi left, when girls came bubbling with joy... when i asked, what happened... i was told that Ayan Ghosh had given them a lovely pair of earrings each... Suddenly, I felt my body afloat and floating towards Ayan... i happily did the tika and tied the rakhi... then i forwarded my hand... and to my ill luck... Ayan was left with no earrings... :( he did promise me a pair the next day... but he just forgot.. Ayan, i still am waiting for that earring! :P

There is this particular boy, Vipul Gupta... i tied him a rakhi every year... I still remember, in the eighth grade, when all boys were scared of the rakhi... he specially came to my class to get the rakhi tied... that was really sweet... i will never forget it all my life. That's when i realised, rakhi is not a festival for minting money or getting B.E.A.Utiful gifts, it is a festival when people promise to take care of each other!!! Though on the contrary, it is a nice way of minting money!!!