Monday, August 10, 2009


1 word… awesome… this is the only word that can truly describe the naukri ad… thaz what I thought when I saw the ad for the first time!!! It actually was my favorite!!! I thought what a smart ad… this is the way to get back at a sucker… this is an amazing marketing strategy… it brings in the feeling of being the boss… I decide my life… I do what I want to do… I talk trash to trashy people… after all, I will easily find a job with naukri.
But, then I joined an mba… I started to look at the things which were not really all that evident… and then, I saw a flip side to one of my favorite ad… it defies the first and the basic rule of working… never back bitch about your organization and never malign the reputation of a senior no matter how sad his life actually is… when you a join a new organization, you’d never know who’d they contact in the your old organization… you’d never know it actually may be your Hari Sadu!

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