Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bhat to do???

So I’m paying like 8 lakhs for higher studies… 2 years… that sums up to about 4 per annum and 2 per semester… 1 semester is of 6 months… hence its about 34 grand per month and about 700 per class… we are a batch of 300 students in m&s… about 60 per class (in 5 sections)… hence, its approx 60 X 700 = 42 grand per class… the least that I expect is that I understand at least 25 percent of the knowledge that my faculty imparts!!! (I understand that I cannot be concentrating fully all the time so I chuck off 50 percent and I also expect a little goof up from the teacher’s side, so there goes another 25 percent)… I hope you’d agree that im being pretty modest in my expectations!!!

But, life does not live upto my expectations… So you know Im taaking (talking) about something… right… you know… something… this is how one of my 4 credit paper teacher teaches… pls maam… if I knew the something that you expect me to know, I’d already be minting money, not taking classes for it!!! Then, there is this other maniac who comes 15 minutes late and eats up half hour of our break… and the PL (program leader) has very manipulatively arranged all his classes right before break… he openly admits that hij englisss ij bhery poor… he asks questions like “bhat ij the bhalue oph the bhariabul I taut u yesterday?”
Now, pleej tell me bhaat do I do??? Pleej taut me how to handle the situationzzz???

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