Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chucked Outta Class!

yeah.. m known to be notorious... that's the word that goes on amongst my teachers... thatz because i'm generally in the most notorious section... and i'm generally caught either chit-chatting or eating away to glory! my PL (Program Leader) Proff. Ashok Sharma, once saw the snap i have on all my amity docs... and he asked, yeah kiski foto laga rahki hai??? he he!!! (who's snap is that??? he he)... i said "sir meri hai" (its mine!).. he said "kitni shareef lag rahi hai" (you look so decent!)... SIR!!! he he!!

but in spite of all of this... i had never been chucked out of class... i have been made to stand in class... been made to give presentations... figure out where the teacher left from.. even been scolded... but today was heights... it was heights of insecurity.. how can a teacher be so insecure... i mean... he knows that the only reason students attend his class is for attendance... so he chucked us out of the class...

what was i doing??? i was sitting next to laddo... when i suddenly realised that i have a sticker near my foot... i picked it up and said "sahil, m gonna wax your hand".. i stuck the sticker on to his hand, and before i could pull it off.. the teacher chucked us both out of the class... :( 2 attendance gone! :( saala.. interestingly padha toh sakta nai hai... attendance k balbootay pe dhamkaata hai! (Bloody looser... can't teach interestingly... rebukes people on the basis of attendance)

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