Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Devil or an Angel???

today i changed the look n feel of my blog...


i was bored (really bored) of the old look... i changed from the sober orange n white to the devil's colors (red n black)... why?? cuz i love being the devil!!! :P

but, there is another reason behind the same.. recently, a friend of mine introduced me to google's naya aavishkar (google's newest innovation), it goes by the name blackle... if you'd hit, it would tell you the number of watt hours saved.. right now it says 1,603,494.060 watt hours saved!

wow.. basically the point is, black needs lesser energy.. so, i turned to black... then i needed a contrast colour to write with... so i chose red... hence... even though my blog does dress up as the devil... i still am a sweet little angel who is working towards conservation of energy! 

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