Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Neighbourhood Soap Opera!

Oh my God... i always wondered how the hell can people indulge themselves in soap opera... i mean how can you watch all the saas' plotting... all the bahu's mulling and people getting married over and over... mostly with the same person.. i mean.. if there were some spice.. i'd understand... but this has always been way beyond my understanding...

then, my sister got fond of a serial called "Utran".. apparently she likes the Sidhu guy who is the hero of the serial.. i got hooked to it too... that's probably one soap i look upto... yes.. me n my sister share crushes... i had a crush on rob pattinson.. she followed... she had a crush on sidhu.. i followed... but the story really sucks...

but yesterday, i witnessed a live soap... my next door neighbours have rented out to a family of 3... the couple seems pretty young and has a little kid... this is how it went:

Pati (husband): *chateksh! (slap)

Patni (wife): Kuttay, tunay meray bachay ko kaisay maara?? (how did you hit my kid)

Pati: Saali, beech mei na bol, tu bhi maar khaegi! (Don't interrupt, else i'd beat you up too)

Patni: haan, tera kaam hi kya hai??? jab dekho chillata n maarta rehta hai! (yeah, what else have you got to do??? you only hit n shout)

woh (kid): uuuaaaaeeee...uuuuaaaeeee....uuuuaaaeee (crying)

pati: saali... chup kar ja... nai toh c*** dunga! (bitch, shut up... else i'll f*** you)

patni: haan.. yahi kar sakhta ho tum... bhen ki l***... tumhaari hawas ki aag kabhi bhujti nai hai!!! (yeah... (i don't know the conversion of the abuse) that is all you can do... your s**ual fire never ceases!!!

this is when i burst out laughing... i could not concentrate on what i was doing or another word that they said... i totally lost it.. kept laughing until my cheeks hurt... my ma n my sister who were listening to the same with full enthusiasm were shocked at my reaction... but then, what else do you expect me to do??? be a silent spectator! :P

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