Thursday, December 10, 2009

Miss Me!

i say this much too often.. mostly when im good friends with people... others tend to say, take care... i tend to say miss me... i think i started saying that because i had very few friends and i really wanted that no matter what, i will not let go of them... slowly, it became my habit!

some thought this is my way of flirting... no.. i know better ways...
some thought she thinks so high of herself... no... i am pretty grounded...
some pretty much did not give any heed... it really doesn't matter any more... i tell you... cuz i have realised... friends are if they understand you and consider you a friend... if they can slap you when you go wrong... if they can lift up your spirits no matter how low low low low you are!!! being friends does not really mean hanging out together all the time... being friends does not necessary mean no right to bitch about friends... it means tu kameena hai.. tu kutta hai.. tu saala chu bhi hai... fir bhi tu mera dost hai... english transcript (you're an ass of the order one, but still you have the privilege to be my friend) :P

friends are people who will miss you even when they are not drunk... friends are people who miss you even more just after they met you... friends are people who will say "get lost" when you say "miss me"... but friends are people who will still hear from you "miss me!"

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