Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Mind Box!

The human brain is an amazing thing… it works in its own weird ways… its always busy entangling and detangling… it forms mazes of its own… a little move here… and a little move there… its seems to come to a conclusion… just like the Rubik’s cube shown in the figure… it seems you are coming to a solution… but then you realize.. you have only got one side right… what about the other 5 sides??? The only thing you know is that the centre piece never moves… so the centre piece is the color of the side!!!

The problem is huge… you need everything to fall into its place… but sadly, you have only solved one side of the multi-side puzzle… but for some reason you are ecstatic… you love the fact that you at least made one side of the cube… (I love red, so I generally make that one first)… then, you start off with side two… (I generally make any side which is mostly made and is adjacent in nature, else my second fav is green)!!!

You get line one… you get line two… but for some reason, you cannot place two pieces of the line three… (I mean, I never am able to)… so you switch to another side… you solve some part of it… then suddenly you realize, if you work your way over the completely made side (red side)… you can fit in these pieces.. so you do the same.. a little twist here.. a little movement there… and there you are.. you land up with the same complex life… the way it looks best.. with all the colors on each side! :P

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