Monday, December 21, 2009

Obssessed With Red!

my sister keeps asking me, why do you always wear the red stole with all your clothes... it just doesn't go... well, i do "do that" all the time.. today, i wore a blue pullover, a black pant n the red stole... lol... for me, red is like a universal colour.. like my own variety of "black"!

to the right is a pic wherein you can see that reishabh n anish are beating me up.. why... cuz they wanted my red stole n i just wasn't ready to part with it! :P

its been ages now.. but i just can't seem to get over red... i think it started about 7 years ago.. my obsessions for red.. my wardrobe was literally red... my sister was obsessed with black then.. all her clothes were black n all mine were red.. i even had red bags and red shoes...a red belt too... i still have a red bag n a red belt... i have pink shoes now! :D

then came the movie "jab we met" and then, started my obsession of the "red nail paint"... i would wear the red nail paint through out... day in n day out... this red nail paint obsession went on till September 2009... why did it end??? no... it did not end.. my skin specialist asked me to cut my nails so i just don't paint them anymore!!!

but, today. we had a combined class with another section "section d".. n i noticed that im probably not the only one in the "red race", cuz i noticed three ladies, Prateek, Noopur n Kanika wearing the nail colour that i totally love... i was filled with joy n energy.. like i probably had my dose of "red bull".. lol!!! :P

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