Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Shocker!

its always been me who has gone away from home... hostel or posting to bangalore, chandigarh or chennai... but on september 4, 2009... i wasn't the one who was going away... it was meri devil... she was going away for a full year and i was so sad... i had made up my mind that no matter what, i will be strong... i will not cry... but when i went to meet her... for the last time before a year apart... and she hugged me... the damn thing just could not stop... 1 tap.. 2 tap.. 3 tap... and then came the whole dead damn river... i handed her the farewell gifts... and she promised me that she'd keep it with her like forever...

i was so sad that she would not be around for my birthday... but she especially bought a sim to call me on my birthday... and i was delighted... i wasn't able to get through her number on her birthday... but when i was "ultimately" able to... i was so bloody excited that it sounded as if it was my bloody own birthday! :P

she is my lucky charm so i treasured the facebook message she sent to wish me all the best for the exams... i had not studied anything for my last exam but i preferred chatting with her for 3 hours over studying for that time... my exams finished on the 19th of november but instead of reconnecting with sleep that night, i kept awake till 5 to help her in the project... i wasn't much help though... she wanted all UK data and all i could offer was indian data!

no matter how busy i am... i never ignore when she pings... and that's exactly what i did when she pinged me on december 5, 2009... she said a hi and asked me if im home or away... i said im home... then she said can you please go upto my place and check how bhabhi is... i was not sure why she asked me for that, all i could think is maybe bhabhi is not well and maybe noone is answering her call... she asked me to go and check it urgently... i got worried and decided, WTF, her place is just 4 houses away from mine, i can go and check even if it be 12 in the night... so i shut my lappy and off i was to check up at her place... and so im standing right in front of her gate and am about to ring the bell... and suddenly i see something and scream at the top of my voice!!!

no... i wasn't scared... it wasn't a ghost... i was super duper delighted... it was my devil.. standing right there in front of my eyes... what, why, when is not important... what's important is that even though it was shocking... it was a superb surprise.. and i totally loved it... im so glad you're back.. even if its just for a month!

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