Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sick of Being Miserable?

Why is that the best things in life are always short lived? why is that the best things in life are just facades? why is that the best things in life are actually the ones that cause the maximum misery? why is it that the best things in life make you so damn dependant???

Let's take a short lived love affair for example.. What happens when its done? We do a trillion things in a day... we watch TV... we talk to frenz... we get so much over fb that most of our frenz complain that we cramp up most of their wall space... some even hide us... they tell us indirectly... but we dont stop... because, we need to vent out... we go mad... literally... so we ensure that we have the least time to ourselves... cuz when we have a time... we think of them... and they make you miserable!

you did chuck them outta your life... and anyone in sane mind would do the same... but you still feel guilty... you feel as if someone set the back of your throat on fire... you wish that you was literally set afire! you have no one to talk to, cuz they were my whole world... and now that they're gone, you don't know who to turn to!

now that you have shown them the door out of life... why won't they get out of your brain??? Aren't you sick of being miserable...

I wonder why we do that.. & I'm sure we have all done it... whether the love affair was real or imaginary.. two way or one way... we all end up moaning & crying over somebody.. & even though we decide that they must go... we just can't get them outta our heads.. Aren't we sick of being miserable???

Everytime I look around me... I see a heartbroken wretched fellow... I see them cry... I've been there too you know... but I find the situation absolutely ludacris... why??? why??? & I ask why??? Why do we pity ourselves? why don't we ever wish to feel that we deserve better & actually try & get outta this? why why why? why don't we ever get sick of being miserable?

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