Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yesterday, I met with a friend of mine… we had some good time… we ate.. which is our favorite activity.. we chit chatted… we had lozza fun! :P but of all the fun that we had… this one is my favorite bit!

But before I let you know about the fun part, you should be aware of the background… it is important… gum.. chewing gum has many uses… people use it for freshness of breath… some use if for getting that perfect ‘jaw line’… I eat it when I wanna have something to eat but don’t really have money/time to spend.

So, yesterday, I was to meet my friend, Gurbinder, then, I was a little hungry, but pressed for time.. so I turned to the chewing gum… we met… had fun.. but after a while.. while we were crossing the road.. my jaw started hurting from all the chewing.. so I had this urge to spit my gum!!!

The problem is… I hate the fact that people spit the gum onto the road or stick it beneath a table… I mean… that would just sicken the person whose shoe it sticks to.. or the person whoes thigh feels the stick!!! *ewwww… but then I also believe in.. whatever you do… do it differently!!!

So, I took permission from my dear friend.. I did this to ensure, he does not go into a state of shock or embarrassment… “Gurbider… may I stick my gum on to the next vehicle that passes by us?” he gave me the look that said “as if you have the guts” but chuckled and said “ya ya!” so.. this nice aunty zooms past us in a red santro… and dhupp… her tanker gets a taste of my gum! And Gurbinder just looks on with the look that reads “I can’t believe you actually did that!!!” and I have the sense of accomplishment of a new khurapaat (naughty deed) I just did! :P

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