Friday, December 18, 2009

I Don't Need Your Attitude!

ok, so just because somebody is nice to you... you can crush them right.. whenever you want... wherever you want.. especially if time favours you.. right??? i mean.. really right??? we have all done this to some one at some point of time or the other... we have also suffered the same at some point of time or the other!!!

but, there is this saying "Learn from your mistakes!"... i am not the kind who learns from my mistakes right away.. i always take the liberty of making the same mistake twice... For eg: i quit HP during the beginning of recession... n then i quit Infy at the peak of recession... i follow the same funda in all aspects of my life... go ahead n make a mistake twice... but the third time... o oh... not happening!!!

if you do wrong to me... i will not declare a fight... i will stay low n watch what you do next... you're not nice to me once.. i will go ahead n avoid you.. but if we have to talk for some reason, i still will be nice to you... but if you do it again... i mean if you do wrong to me for the 2nd time or are rude for the 2nd time... then, i have an elephant sized ego.. this my dear fren will lead to an open declaration of war... at least from my end... then i am not going to leave one reason to hurt you.. show you down... n literally crush you darling!!! cuz i can only take attitude from you twice.. then, i don't need your attitude... cuz i seriously have got plenty of mine... that will hit you at all the wrong places at the right time!

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