Monday, December 14, 2009

O Yeas… The Glass is Always Half Full!

We have been hearing since time immemorial… all it takes for the world to change is to change your perspective… if there is a glass filled half, consider it half full instead of half empty… so what is there in the other half??? GAS!!! I mean literally!

In CP, there is a restaurant called Piccadelhi… apparently piccadelhi is known for its ambience and food.. some know it for its high price… I shall remember it for an all together different reason… the reason being… I know it is a true believer of the saying “The glass is half full!”

And I mean it literally (I make use of the word literally too much eh??)… to the left is a snap of its glass… rather glasses… no matter, how much you drink out of it.. apparently, you just can’t reach to the bottom of it… you still pay for up till the bottom though… hence proved… glass is half full… you did not make full use of it.. piccadelhi mints money off your ignorance! :D

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