Sunday, December 13, 2009

Metro Maniacs!

now that noida has a metro.. it is so much easier to commute... noida to saddi dilli takes just about half hour! today was my second ride in the metro... n must i say... ooo.. i loved it... firstly, i was to meet Jam, one of my closest frenz... secondly, i hate to travel via bus.. metro is so much more convenient!

so, i did meet Jam, we had a gala time... ate... drank... tried to shop... our efforts went futile... went to a store that had ben & jerry iceys... the uncle and his son were so nice to talk to that even though we did not find what we wanted, yet we bought from their store... just because they were so sweet! *awwww!

we went n sat in the park, even clicked pictures together... some started at us because they doubted our straightness... that the problem with being frenz with women... people don't tend to see straight anymore! lol! then we called it a day and decided to go our homes... i turned to my metro and she to her auto...

so, m in the metro... there is a really stinky woman standing next to me.. i move a little... she sees space and moves even closer.. and then i go YUCK... and change my boogie.. now im standing next to 5 people, 4 chinkis (3 boys 1 girl) and 1 hindustani boy! throughout from rajiv chowk till noida sector 15, the hindustani boi and one chinki keep talking within themselves and keep looking at me and smiling as hard as they can... i don't react.. cuz, i frankly din't know how to react... so here comes sec 15... "doors will open to the left"... doors open... 4 of them down, 1 chinki stays behind... then she announces "stand clear of the doors".. the chinki leans towards me n says "u're cute!" kisses me on my cheek and rushes out of the metro!

WTF... so now i know why you were looking at me all that time and smiling so hard... you got a dare.. right?? i wanted to shout this... but i was too shocked to even open my mouth for words to come out... everyone stared at me... and i was in a state of shock... with zero reaction... so much so that people gave me the stare which said "so, you were with that guy??? we din't know!" its so ridiculous what happened... but thankfully the chinki was cute, else i would have been utterly disgusted!

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