Monday, December 14, 2009

We Don’t Need no Education!

Pink Floyd sang it… and we literally worship it… I see it happening… all around me.. all the time… I sit at the 3rd or the 4th bench… cuz I don’t like to sit right under the nose of our teachers nor do I like to be a backbencher who is made to stand in every class to answer questions… I tread the safe road… aagay se shuru ho ya peechay se.. ya 1 aagay se and then 1 peechay.. I get sufficient time to make up my side of the story! :P

Anyways, daily, I see a teacher standing at the dice.. trying to teach… daily, I make notes… because if I don’t, my head would smash against the desk.. and I’d be sleeping away to glory! To the left is a snap of how we all study… no we are not tired… that how interesting our classes are! :P to the right is what we do when we are drained off all our energies… im generally caught doing the latter… I make notes to avoid doing the former!!! After all… the person in front is a teacher… kuch toh respect karni chahiye! :P

So this is a b-school… but I feel my school was relatively lenient… we do classes because it has internal marks attached to it.. lesser than 75 means getting debarred! And just about what do we do when we do classes? I look around… I see people watching movies… some texting.. some gossiping… some laughing at their own lame jokes.. some fighting... some xeroxing another’s assignment… most sleeping… I’m generally eating… mostly in the period right before the lunch break (Tavishi even caught me once and embarrassed me in front of the class), but old habits die hard.. its my daily routine! And then while the teacher is taking about the distribution n logistics, somewhere at the back of mind… all is hear is… we don’t need no education… tada tada tada tada!!! :P

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