Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love Shopping With Pa!!!

I’m always a little out on patience.. so is my dad.. and my sister.. and my mother too… but when it comes to shopping.. for some reason, my mother has all the patience in the world… then comes me.. then my sister.. and my father is pretty impatient in this domain as well!!!

So, when I need to go shopping and I need an opinion.. I take my ma along.. she can take the pains of visiting scores and scores of shops.. now also, she loves to go shopping with me.. its just that she believes old age is taking its turn... the problem in going shopping with mom is.. the stuff has to deserve all the money that is being put into it… it does not matter how much I like the product.. if it is worth 500 and not available anywhere else, hence priced at 1500.. I can’t buy it with ma! L

That’s when I like to bring my pa into the picture.. he will not go to more than 3 shops no matter what… so, if I need to go shopping with pa, I need to do my homework right… I need to survey the market a day in advance and know for sure what I want… then I take my pa into a shop that I know I don’t like anything in… try and while some time away.. then take him to another one that I’m not interested in.. get him frustrated enough for him to say… “buy something from the next shop or we are heading home!”… and that’s when I strike.. and take him to the store where I know what I want, no matter how high priced… bingo! Job done well!!!

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