Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Crush Down the Drain!

i have crushes.. you have crushes.. we all have crushes.. its a pretty normal phenomenon... so what do most people do when they have a crush?
  • if they are an introvert, they just keep a distance.. look at them n stay happy... they call the crushes eye candy... if you know me.. you know by now, that i'm certainly not an introvert (anymore).
  • if they are an extrovert, they go upto the crush and talk to them!!!
even though, i am an extrovert, i don't really do what the latter do.. why? well, there are a couple of reasons...
  • i tend to get bored of stuff really soon... including crushes!
  • i don't crush that often any more... so, i wish to stretch 'em as long as possible!
  • if i get to know my crush, my crush almost always gets crushed every time... i don't know how i managed my relationship for all that long!
  • i generally crush on guys who are mysterious (if they are cute, it will just be an added advantage)... so letting the crush stay mysterious is important!
so, after a really long time, i ultimately found a guy that i could crush on... i did not know him much... but my stomach would flutter every time i'd see him... especially as i could not see him all that much...  i would get out of my class each time everyday (in the 5 min break) to check him out even if it is for 5 mins (yep, he comes out in his break too... he along with all his frenz)... my crushes don't last more than a couple of weeks... but this one was lingering on from quite some time... almost 4 months now!!!

how did this happen??? it was because all i knew about him is that he had a good sense of dressing, silky soft hair n an extremely cute smile! ;)

so what happened now??? i got to know more about him.. lol... so the mysterious factor is gone.. no no... we don't talk... but one of my fren who has a common fren told me about him... she din't tell me much though... but she told me that he is taken! there goes another crush down the drain.. alas... what do i have to look forward to in college now??? :(

P.S. i did not mention the name on purpose.. don't ask... n if u knw.. don't tell!

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