Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ooooo... Laddu!

i am an extremely jolly person... but, the problem with me is... if you are my fren, you can joke around with me... if you're my very good fren, you can crack non-veg jokes too... and if you're an excellent fren... you can joke about me n i certainly would not mind.. but in case i do tell you (even while laughing) that i did not appreciate this, i mean "I DID NOT APPRECIATE THIS!" why are we talking about me if im writing about laddu??? because background information is extremely essential!

on my very first interaction with laddu (his name is Lihas spelled right to left), i literally hated him because of the above mentioned reason.. but exactly why? because we 1st interacted in a class where we did a role play together, where in he asked me if i like the vodafone ads, i said i like the zuzu ads n i think zuzi is extremely cute!!! n pat came a comment "so, you like women better!" i sooooooooooooooooooo hated him! i did not talk to him.. look at him.. n avoided him as much as could!

its been 6 months now since i've known him... n now we gel along pretty well... how??? there is one and only one reason.. our love for food... he loves food n so do i... my appetite has almost tripled since we met... n m fast moving toward the chennai weight gonna be in deep trouble if i put on 12 kgs again! n what did he hapta do to make things fine.. he ate my mother's cooked lemon rice n said "u're mom cooks amazing food!" yep, that was enough to break the one-sided cold war!

today, we were attending a guest forum n the guest was after his life... why? because he addressed a seni as "that guy".. they literally f***ed each other up... in the end, the guest had him stand up and asked us all if we all think he has an attitude problem, and not one hand up... for some reason i was glad that noone raised their hand... that's when i realised, that laddu darling, "i consider you an amazing fren!"

to the left is laddu wearing chadda ji's muffler and sleeping away to glory sitting in the class and that too on the very 1st bench... lol.. i totally love b-school (back to school)... its amazing to have frenz who really are frenz n not back-stabbers! :P

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